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Ed Wagner-Principal
Robert Horn- Athletic Director

Lindsay Barnette- Varsity Head Coach

Jack Barnette- Assistant Coach
Steve Lattizori- Assistant Coach

Chere Amend- Assistant Coach



Carlton J. Kell High School received its first students in August, 2002. The school was named for Carlton "Corky" Kell, a highly respected coach and athletic director for the Cobb County School District. In 1965, Coach Kell started the girl's basketball program at Wheeler High School; he remained the girl's basketball coach for eleven seasons and was recognized by the Georgia Athletic Coaches Association as the Girl's Basketball Coach of the Year for 1972. Coach Kell is best remembered for his excellence as the football coach of Wheeler High School, where he coached for eight seasons. Indeed, the Georgia Athletic Coaches Association named him as Georgia's Football Coach of the Year four different times. Shortly after leaving coaching, he was appointed the Athletic Director for the Cobb County School District and remained in that position until his retirement. 

The mascot is the LONGHORN. The mascot was chosen by Mrs. Carole Kell and student representatives in February, 2001. A graphic artist was invited to the meeting, and she developed the official school logo pictured at right. The mission of the group was to come up with something original that would be a distinguishing mascot and logo for the school. The Longhorn and colors were picked for the following reasons:
There is only one other school with a Longhorn mascot besides Kell and that is Lambert High School in the state of Georgia.  No other high school in Georgia uses these colors.  The design is very unique (can you see the KHS?)  The color ("Texas Orange") is very similar to "Copper," and Corky Kell was born and is buried in Copper Hill, Tennessee.  Mr. and Mrs. Kell used to have a farm in North Georgia where they had cattle, including 3 Longhorn steer.
Kell High School is located in northeastern Cobb County on approximately sixty-four acres. The school's physical facilities and appearance are superb. In fact, the physical structure of the school has been used as a model for the Cobb County School District, as well as the State of Georgia.
The school affords its constituents a broad spectrum of learning opportunities. Core curriculum courses are complemented by an array of fine arts programs, vocational programs, foreign language courses, honors and advanced placement offerings, and athletic activities. The school's outstanding faculty and staff provide exceptional educational experiences for its students.
Ed Wagner, Principal

Student-Athletes at Kell must remember that they are always representing Kell High School. Student Athletes will be held to a very high standard in the way they perform in the classroom, how they carry themselves in the community and how they interact with others.

Kell High School Student-Athletes will:

-Remember that playing sports at Kell is a privilege
-Put academic performance ahead of athletic performance.
-Follow all the rules and Codes of Conduct set in place by the Cobb County District, Kell, the Georgia High School Association, or their individual teams and coaches.

-Never engage in behavior on or off the field that reflects poorly on their school, their community, their family, their team, or themselves.
-Remain drug and alcohol free (CCSD rule - JJICA).
 -Not take any items that do not belong to them.
-Turn in a completed physical form to the head coach of his or her sport in a timely  manner.
-Have regular and punctual attendance to school, all classes, practices, games, and any  other team or school function.
-Take care of all school equipment.
-Keep all belongings secure.
-Keep any and all personal spaces clean and organized.
-Report all injuries accurately to coaches and trainers.

-Support their teammates and remember his/her obligations to them.

-Know that playing time is not guaranteed and is solely the decision of the coach.

**During any In-School or Out of School Suspensions, Kell High School student athletes may not participate in any athletic activity including games, practices, scrimmages, and banquets.

Disciplinary Consequences:
All Kell High School student athletes should be familiar with Cobb County School District Administrative Rule JJICA. Kell High School will follow all Cobb County Administrative rules regarding student conduct and participation in extracurricular activities.

In addition, each team has established a set of rules and disciplinary consequences for infractions of these rules. The Kell High School Administration supports the development and implementation of behavior rules for each team. 

Kell High School Parental Expectations:
Everybody involved with Kell Athletics believes that we exist to serve our students. We also believe that athletics is a tool to teach young people life long skills such as teamwork, accountability dedication, and respect. Athletics also teaches young adults how to win with class and lose with dignity, preserving to compete another day. In those occasions when a student-athlete may be recruited for collegiate sports, we will do everything we can to help and support the student. We can not do our job without the support of all our parents. We ask that parents support their student’s athletic endeavors, win or lose. Communication with Coaching Staff All Kell High School Coaches understand the importance of open and direct communication with the parents of their athletes. Parents are encouraged to communicate with coaches anytime they have concerns or issues that they wish to address. However, there are some guidelines regarding communicating with a Kell High School Coach. When emailing or speaking with Kell Coaches, the following will not be tolerated: Rude or disrespectful language, the use of profanity, threats against a coach’s career or reputation, any language that is demanding or bullying, or any accusations that are unsubstantiated or based on rumor and/or speculation.

Feel Free to discuss the following with your student’s coaches:
    -Any concerns regarding treatment of your student.
    -Issues regarding the mental and physical health of your student.
    -Ideas to improve athletic or academic performance of your student.

The following items will not be discussed between parents and Kell High School coaches:
    -Playing time.
    -Issues with other students or other student-athletes that may require divulging confidential  information.
    -Play-calling or in-game strategy decisions.

We encourage your student-athlete to take concerns to their coaches and if a parent needs to meet with a coach
regarding their student-athlete to have that student-athlete present. To make sure concerns are addressed and
handled as quickly and appropriately as possible, we ask that you follow “the chain of command:”
1. Assistant or Position Coach (if applicable)
2. Head Coach
3. Athletic Director
4. Principal